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Online Antenatal Classes - Anytime, Anywhere

Childbirth & Early Parenting Education On Demand

Prepare for your upcoming birth and early days with baby in your own time and at your own pace, with Nourish Baby’s online antenatal classes. Instant and unlimited access to videos, free podcasts and articles designed to help you achieve a positive labour and birth, and early parenting success. Fresh, to-the-minute information covering everything you could possibly want to know including; pregnancy exercise, tips on what to eat while pregnant, breastfeeding your newborn and of course childbirth education.

Who Are Online Antenatal Classes Suited To?

Nourish Baby’s online antenatal classes are perfect for parents who:Antenatal Class Video Download

  • Can’t get in to their hospital antenatal classes
  • Aren't interested in learning in a group environment
  • Live rurally or work irregular hours
  • Want an inexpensive alternative to private childbirth classes
  • Want to be able to pause and replay each video multiple times
  • Want to be able to learn on-the-go, using their smartphone or tablet
  • Need a simple alternative to dragging their partner along to birthing classes under duress!
  • Are preparing for the birth of their 2nd or 3rd child and want an affordable refresher

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Complement Your Hospital Antenatal Classes

Traditional antenatal classes can be overwhelming – so much to remember! Our videos are thorough, yet easy to follow, with no time limits or restrictions so you can replay them as many times as you need. This makes them a wonderful supporting resource to hospital birthing and breastfeeding classes. Parents love that they can refer to our videos over and over again.

Comprehensive. Convenient. Compatible with your Smart Device

The other reason why parents choose Nourish Baby's online antenatal classes is because our videos and podcasts are compatible with your smartphone, tablet and TV. No other online antenatal class provider currently offers such an adaptable learning format.

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