Antenatal Classes

Some studies suggest that antenatal classes result in better birthing outcomes and reduced complications during labour and delivery. Many expectant parents say attending antenatal classes helps them feel more confident and prepared going in to their first childbirth and parenting experience. Of course the benefit of online antenatal classes means you can learn in your own time and at your own pace.

Nourish Baby antenatal classes are delivered by qualified health professionals. Our courses also go well beyond childbirth education to include; pregnancy health and fitness, antenatal and postnatal pelvic health, breastfeeding and formula feeding from birth - age 3, emotional health and wellbeing, parenting and relationships, baby and toddler growth and development, safe sleep and settling from birth - age 3.

Antenatal classes, also known as prenatal classes or childbirth education, are designed to prepare you for your upcoming labour and birth and first few weeks with your newborn baby. Information typically includes the stages and process of labour, birth and delivery, pain relief, newborn and postnatal care, breastfeeding and parenting skills. Our online antenatal classes and early parenting courses guide you and your family through pregnancy, birth and the first 3 years of your child's life.

There are a number of options when it comes to antenatal classes, with the cost and availability varying depending on where you live. Nourish Baby online antenatal classes start at just $49 for lifetime access.

Online Antenatal Classes

Our range of online parenting courses and antenatal classes (also known as birthing classes or childbirth education classes) are structured so that all of the course content traditionally delivered in a hospital setting, is delivered online.

Most online antenatal classes (and traditional childbirth education classes) focus only on preparing you for labour and birth. We are not your average antenatal class!

Nourish Baby is your complete guide to pregnancy, birth and the first 3 years of your baby’s life — personalised for exactly where you are on your parenting journey. We also go beyond by providing a Grandparents Guide which can help grandparents feel confident with the latest education and teachings.

We are also the only provider who is endorsed by the Childbirth and Parenting Educators of Australia and is an Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS) EQuIP6 accredited organisation.

My hospital antenatal class is booked out

I live rurally

I work irregular hours

I don’t enjoy learning in a group environment

I want an inexpensive alternative to private childbirth education classes

I want to go back over the class content in my own time and at my own pace

I want to be able to learn on-the-go, using my smart device

I need a simple alternative to dragging my partner along to birthing classes under duress!

I’m preparing for the birth of my 2nd or 3rd child and want an affordable refresher

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are an ideal candidate for Nourish Baby’s Antenatal Course Online.

Course Access

Nourish Baby online antenatal classes and early parenting courses are entirely on-demand, which means that you can enrol in the courses that interest you and learn at your own pace. You can begin the course whenever you like, and there are no deadlines to complete it.

Nourish Baby courses can be accessed from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop / laptop, smartphone or tablet. Please review our System Requirements to ensure you are using the latest version of a supported browser with the required browser settings.

After you enrol in a course, you can access it by clicking on the course link you will receive in your confirmation email, provided you’re logged into your Nourish Baby account. From there you will be able to see the course you've purchased such as our birthing course, baby feeding guide, baby sleep guide or positive parenting course.

Take as long as you need because there are no deadlines to begin or complete our courses. Even after you complete a course, you will continue to have access to it, provided that your account’s in good standing.

It’s never too early (or late!) to sign up to one of our antenatal classes online or early parenting courses. Our knowledge base covers everything from pregnancy, birth and the first 3 years of your baby’s life, including a gentle, response-based approach to helping settle your newborn baby or toddler to sleep.

If you are already pregnant, we recommend starting your online classes at around 14-16 weeks, with the knowledge that you can refer back to the course as often as you need – for life! Our Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy is a wonderful place to start.

System Requirements

The Nourish Baby Learning Hub is hosted on a web-based application that runs in your browser. To view our course content, your computer must meet or exceed the minimum hardware requirements for the installed operating system (macOS or Windows).

Before getting started, we recommend you take a look at our system requirements to ensure you are using the latest version of a supported browser with the required browser settings.

Click here to view system requirements

Telehealth Services

Yes. After your baby is born, we can provide you with additional and personalised support via our sleep and settling phone consultation service. Our sleep consultants are qualified and experienced health professionals who can speak with you about your unique situation and offer recommendations to help address your sleep and settling concerns.

Visit our Sleep Support page to learn more.

Other Languages and the Hearing Impaired

To assist people from multicultural communities the video content within our Pregnancy Health, Labour and Birth and Feeding courses, is also delivered in separate modules with Arabic, Mandarin and Vietnamese subtitles. Our breastfeeding video is also delivered with Punjabi and Hindi subtitles.

The video content within our Pregnancy Health, Labour and Birth and Feeding courses, is also delivered in a separate module with English subtitles for the hearing impaired.

Payments and Refunds

Nourish Baby supports several different payment methods. Depending on your account country and location, these include international credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Nourish Baby wants you to be satisfied with the course you enrol in, and as a result, course purchases can be refunded within 14 days. For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with a course, please let us know through the Contact Us form.

We have partnered with a number of private health funds, which means you may be able to access our antenatal and early parenting courses and other maternity and early parenting services – free of charge or at a reduced cost. To find out whether you may be eligible, please contact your health fund directly. We recommend you do this before you make your purchase.