06. Guide for Grandparents

The ultimate guide to the new rules of grand-parenting.


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About the Guide for Grandparents Course

Becoming a grandparent is one of life’s highlights, though it’s also a time when many new grandparents can feel uncertain. Each generation cares for their babies in different ways to the one before and information changes as evidence evolves. What was once the source of truth may no longer be current, and in fact some practices may actually cause harm.  

About the Guide for Grandparents Course

What will I learn?

Learn what’s new and what has stayed the same when it comes to pregnancy, birth and caring for babies. This course is designed to help grandparents feel confident about their new role and show them how to offer valuable, practical support to new parents.

  • Changes in pregnancy care and birth.
  • What’s new in breastfeeding and formula feeding.
  • Safe sleeping and wrapping guidelines.
  • Settling tips, including understanding sleep needs, tired signs and common challenges.
  • Safety risks and keeping baby safe.
  • Basic first-aid including choking.
  • CPR for newborns and babies.
What will I learn?

Course Content

Click on the modules below to find out what you'll learn at each stage of the course.

  • Module 1
    Pregnancy, Birth & Baby
    • Lesson 1
      Changes in Pregnancy Care and Birth
    • Lesson 2
      Grandparents Guide to New Babies
    • Lesson 3
      How to Bath Baby
  • Module 2
    • Lesson 1
      What’s new in Breastfeeding
    • Lesson 2
      Formula Feeding
    • Lesson 3
      Introducing Solids
  • Module 3
    Sleep & Settling
    • Lesson 1
      Safe Sleeping & Wrapping
    • Lesson 2
      Settling Baby: sleep needs, tired signs and common challenges
  • Module 4
    First Aid & Safety
    • Lesson 1
      Top 5 Safety Risks
    • Lesson 2
      Keeping Baby Safe
    • Lesson 3
      Car Seat Safety
    • Lesson 4
      Why Pram Covering is Unsafe
    • Lesson 5
      Basic First Aid
    • Lesson 6
      What to do if Baby is Choking
    • Lesson 7
      CPR for Newborns and Babies
06. Guide for Grandparents