Maternity Fashion Tips: From Baby Bump to Motherhood in Style

Pregnancy is such a joyous time, filled with excitement and anticipation, however, it can be confronting trying to remain stylish and feel beautiful with a growing bump (and everything else that grows along with it). The following maternity fashion tips, highlight the key pieces, sorted by trimester that will inspire you to embrace those beautiful new curves and proudly flaunt your baby bump.

Just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you need to go and spend your hard earned money on a brand new maternity wardrobe that you will only wear for nine months – believe me, some things you will want to put away and never see again (until your next pregnancy anyway). A great way to maintain your own personal style, yet ensure comfort and practicality for your changing shape, is to mix and match maternity basics with ‘normal’ clothes.

Trimester One

The first trimester can be really tricky, many women don’t share their exciting pregnancy news until the 12 week mark, by which time a little baby bump has started to form. To keep yourself comfortable, without giving away your secret, or looking like you carb-loaded at lunch, invest in a couple of pieces with elasticized waistbands such as this highly versatile Metalicus tube skirt and fashion-forward chambray pants by Country Road. Mix them with billowy tees and knits that won’t draw attention to your mid-section and finish of the look with a statement neckpiece or beautiful scarf.

Trimester Two

This is where the fun begins, the news is out and there is a buzz of excitement around you. Flaunt your baby bump with pride and invest in some tight fitting maternity basic tops that have flattering rouching on the sides, like this Ripe Maternity basic. Trimester two is also the ideal time to invest in a good pair of maternity jeans – not only will maternity jeans, like these by J Brand, be on high rotation throughout your pregnancy, they will also be very handy post baby when you are still a bit tender and starting to get your pre-baby shape back. Finish the look off with the eternally flattering cape. If you can, make this your investment piece, it is something that you will live in well beyond pregnancy (is a great breastfeeding friendly piece) and has the capability to add polish to any outfit, whether it be low key, or more formal wear.

Trimester Three

Comfort really becomes paramount by the time you get to the third trimester. Whilst your trimester one and two pieces will still be on high rotation, now is the time to invest in those maternity leggings, like these Ripe Maternity Seamless Support Leggings. To give maternity leggings a fashion forward edge, pair with oversized tunic dresses, you know the one’s that look like a sack on the hanger, but ah-mazing on pregnancy curves. DeCjuba has a great range of these style dresses all year round. Add some cute flats that you will undoubtedly live in when bubs is born and get prepared with a large handbag or baby bag, because you will be carrying everything including the kitchen sink when your bundle of joy arrives.

These wardrobe winners will serve you well beyond nine months. There is no doubt that pregnancy and motherhood change a woman’s life and whilst we might need to adapt our fashion tastes, we don’t need to lose our sense of style. Remember, if we feel good about ourselves, we exude confidence and high self-esteem – what wonderful traits to expose our precious babies to.

About the Author:

Written by Nourish Baby by Leah Mulcaire. Leah Mulcaire is a fashion-loving mum of two, who knows how confronting it can be trying to remain stylish and feel beautiful with a growing bump. She believes pregnancy is a great opportunity to embrace our gorgeous new curves and make the most of dressing them. Leah is our go-to source for fashion advice for mums-to-be and us “already” mums, who have had to adapt our pre-pregnancy style to embrace motherhood.

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