Recovering from Pregnancy and Birth

After the birth of your baby there is a period of healing and physical adjustment from the effects of pregnancy as well as from your labour or delivery. 

During pregnancy, there is increased pressure on the pelvic floor from your growing baby, placenta and extra fluid.

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Having a Baby on Your Own

Having a baby on your own may not have been a choice you intentionally made. Separation, death, divorce or a brief sexual encounter can all result in becoming a single parent. Single Parenting is becoming more common. In the 2017 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, single-parent families numbered 949,000 – around 14% of all families. Of these 65% had dependents. 
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Having a Baby After 35

Most of us know that a woman’s fertility declines as she gets older. The late teens and early 20s are considered the prime time for fertility, beyond 32 is when it starts to drop more quickly.  After the age of 37, conception becomes even more challenging. Men too are not as fertile as the years clock up. The average time it takes for a couple aged over 35 years to conceive is around 1-2 years.

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