Recovering from Pregnancy and Birth

After the birth of your baby there is a period of healing and physical adjustment from the effects of pregnancy as well as from your labour or delivery. 

During pregnancy, there is increased pressure on the pelvic floor from your growing baby, placenta and extra fluid.

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Drug and Alcohol Use in Pregnancy

Research into drug and alcohol use during pregnancy is constantly evolving. And although the specifics change, the essential message remains the same. We don’t truly know what a safe level of drug or alcohol use is. 
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Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss through miscarriage or stillbirth can be devastating. An overwhelming sense of sadness is common for women and their partners when pregnancy does not result in a healthy, live baby. There is no one ‘right’ way to feel when pregnancy ends unexpectedly. Every woman and her partner are unique.


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Why might my labour need to be induced?

Sometimes labour can be induced (started artificially) if your baby is overdue or there is any sort of risk to you or your baby’s health.

If you have a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy, most caregivers will discuss inducing labour somewhere between 41 and 42 weeks. 

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