Food Safety for Babies and Young Children

Food safety is important at all ages and stages of life, but for babies and young children it’s particularly wise for parents to be careful about their food. Babies have immature digestion and immune systems and can become sick very easily if they eat contaminated food. Babies can also take longer to recover than adults do and develop complications if they’ve been unwell.
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When to worry about a rash on a toddler

Rashes are common in childhood and it can be hard to know what may be the cause.  Some children seem particularly prone to skin reactions and rashes, others are a little less reactive. Generally, rashes are nothing to be concerned about and are harmless.

Most of the time, rashes tend to go away as quickly as they appear and don’t need any special treatment. But sometimes rashes are a symptom of illness and a sign that a doctor’s check is necessary.

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