Tips to Ease Acid Reflux in your Baby

Acid reflux or simply ‘reflux’ is a common condition in babies. Around 40% of healthy, thriving babies will have reflux to some degree.  Reflux generally begins before eight weeks of age and peaks at four months before gradually improving. Reflux commonly relates to a baby’s gut maturity and with time and development gets better without any specific treatment.
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What to do if your baby prefers feeding on one breast

One sided breastfeeding is not uncommon, particularly for newborns and when babies are almost ready to stop breastfeeding. This has a lot to do with the volume of milk they obtain from one breast and simply developing a preference for one side over the other.

But is one sided feeding a problem and should you be trying to encourage your baby to feed from both breasts? Read on to find out more.

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Breastfeeding Twins

When a mum finds out she’s pregnant with twins, her first thought may be ‘will I have enough milk for two babies?’ and the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’. Supply is all about demand, the amount a woman’s baby—or babies—takes is how much her body will make. Some twin mummies have breastfed one baby before, but worry about feeding two — latching just one was hard, is it possible to attach both in tandem-mode? What about having time for their own sleep in between the constant suckling required from newborns to bring in and maintain the milk?
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