Health Checks for Babies

Regular health checks are recommended for all babies, from birth right up until they start school.  Monitoring their growth and checking their development are important ways to make sure children are growing as they need to. 

Regular health checks, particularly in the first 12 months,  also help with early detection of problems.

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Delayed cord clamping – what are the benefits?

We’ve known for some time about the benefits of delayed cord clamping, otherwise known as ‘optimal’ cord clamping. Another, formal name for delayed cord clamping is placental transfusion.  This means that instead of clamping and cutting the umbilical cord immediately after a baby is born, there’s a wait of at least one minute for babies born at term and at least 30 seconds for babies born prematurely.
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Guidelines for weight gain in babies

Measuring your baby’s weight at regular intervals will help give you reassurance that they are growing as they need to. An increase in weight from birth is a sign that they are feeding well and will help you to recognise if they have an underlying health or development issue.

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